Her Son Cries Out In Pain—That’s When She Realizes Doctors Made This TERRIFYING Mistake

We all went through this. Yes, the chicken pox. You can probably even still remember what it’s like to have the chicken pox, but if you can’t, we know that you definitely know the feeling of not being able to scratch something when it’s itchy. Imagine that times a few thousand! There, now that you remember what it felt like, do you remember what your parents did to soothe the itching?


Hayley Lyons recently experienced a nightmare when her son, Lewis, contracted chickenpox. While this is a rather common illness for children, things quickly took a turn for the unexpected. Now, based on her experience, Hayley has a stern warning and message for parents everywhere.

When Lewis was diagnosed with the chickenpox, several doctors prescribed him children’s ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory medicine. It’s commonly used for pain relief and fevers, but it can also be used to treat chickenpox.


After using ibuprofen, Lewis’s healthy quickly began to decline. His fever and temperature rose, and his “pox” became more itchy and red. There was something clearly wrong with Lewis – he was having some sort of reaction to the ibuprofen. Going against the doctor’s orders, Hayley took her son to the children’s hospital for an emergency check-up.