We hope no other children suffer like this!

Aerosol sunscreen is so fantastically convenient. Whether you have squirmy toddlers who just want to get in the pool already or just don’t want to get your hands all greasy with the traditional stuff, a few sprays of SPF 50 sound pretty darn nice. But one mom who applied aerosol sunscreen to her child is outraged—she says it gave her daughter third-degree burns all over her face.

According to her post on Facebook, Rebecca Cannon carefully checked the instructions on the Banana Boat aerosol sunscreen she bought. The bottle said it was safe for children 6 months and older to use, so she applied it to her hands and then to her 14-month-old daughter’s face. Then, her daughter developed swelling and horrific third-degree burns on her cheeks and around her eyes.

Using Sunscreen During The Scorching Summer Months Is Key.

To avoid getting a blistering sunburn, most of us are aware of the benefits of applying sunscreen. So when it comes to protecting children from the effects of the sun, parents know that selecting a sunscreen with a high SPF is key.

Rebecca Applied What She Thought Was A Safe SPF On Daughter Kyla.

That’s what Rebecca Cannon thought she was doing when she slathered Banana Boat Kids SPF50 all over her baby Kyla before a trip outside. But apparently the aerosol sunscreen, which promoted its broad spectrum protection, didn’t do it’s job.

But The Next Day, Kyla Woke Up With Painful Blisters.

Just one day after being out in the sun, Rebecca’s daughter woke up with a red, swollen blistering face and crying out in pain. After a quick trip to the ER, doctors diagnosed Kyla with second-degree burns on her face.