Hendersonville Man Caught Molesting Pig After His Penis Gets Stuck


A Hendersonville man was caught having sex with a pig after his penis got lodged in the pig’s vagina.

David Chavez of Hendersonville, NC,  is in police custody after a local farmer found him having “inappropriate relations” with a pig on his property. The farmer, not wanting to be named publicly, reported hearing loud squealing coming from the pig pen in the back area of his property. Suspecting that wild dogs might be trying to hurt his pigs, he quickly grabbed his shotgun and made his way out.

“That’s when I saw him. I was just in shock at the sight of it. I yelled at the man to get off my pig or I would damn well shoot him. He was screaming saying he was unable to move as his penis was stuck in the pig’s vagina.”


Confused, the farmer alerted police. Sargeant Simon Cooper, an employee at the Hendersonville Police Department, explained “When we got there they were locked up pretty good. It’s not the sort of situation you expect to get called to, it was extremely disturbing. We had to use warm water to get them apart.” 

After police managed to separate Chavez from the pig, he was taken into custody. According to reports, Chavez just cried saying, “I love her. I wasn’t hurting her.” He later told police he believed the pig was his soul mate from a previous life, and that he’d been having an intimate relationship with her for the past 6 months.

Chavez is currently being charged with indecent exposure and cruelty to animals.