Having cancer is the worst thing that you can hear when you are living a good, healthy lifestyle. The word cancer is horrific, I hope I never ever have to hear that word in my life. I have lived with and seen people go through it, people who survive and people who have not. Either way, it’s no way to live. I hope that you support cancer awareness to help people like this wonderful lady. Let’s all come together and find a cure! Here are some uplifting pictures that a group did for this beautiful cancer patient…enjoy 🙂


Alissa Bousquet, 40, is a devoted mother and wife.

But recently, she’s had to balance her home life with her fight against stage 2 breast cancer. Her treatment required weeks of chemotherapy.

Fortunately, Alissa’s husband, Brad, was by her side the entire time.

And together, they’ve tackled the disease in an incredible way.

To turn a huge negative into a positive, they’ve taken up fundraising efforts.

Their charity of choice is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The couple raised money while Alissa was still fighting her illness.