He Puts A Bar Of Soap In The Microwave, Things Get Wild A Minute Later

Place a bar of ivory soap into the microwave. After two minutes on high heat, watch what comes out, it doesn’t resemble a bar of soap in the slightest. This is a result of what’s called the Charles’ Law, aka the law of volumes, which deals with the relationship of pressure, volume, and temperature of gas. What this mean is, a gas will expand as it’s temperature rises. When this bar of soap is put in the microwave, the molecules of air inside it will expand. The end result is something that resembles a wild Soufflé!

For this experiment, all you need is a bar of soap and a microwave


Place the bar of soap in the microwave. Microwave the soap for two minutes.


 Watch as the magic unfolds.


The BuzzFeed-produced video below displays a science experiment that you can do at home. The experiment doesn’t require any obscure ingredients and doesn’t have any dangerous side effects. It’s great to do with children to teach them about the wonders of science.

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