He Puts 4 Slices of Tomato in a Pot of Compost. 10 Days Later, I Can’t Believe it!

This green-thumbed guy says, ‘All you need is dirt, a pot and some tomatoes.’ Don’t believe? Just watch.
Most people would give anything to create a small garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is cheaper and you know exactly what you’ve used to grow them.

On the other hand creating your own garden and growing your own fruits and vegetables can be quite difficult if you are a beginner.

This is the most common case when it comes to tomatoes. It is very difficult to start with their seeds and it is also challenging to give them the proper amount of water and keeping them under the sun as much as you should.

In this video you will see a perfect method for growing tomatoes. This man places tomato slices in a pot filled with compost soil, he covers them with a thick layer of the soil and he leaves them to grow.

Check this method out!

When you use slices of tomato with their seeds, your new tomatoes have bigger chances to grow. The fruit that surrounds the seeds can keep them fed in the early stage of their development. This is the period when they have the biggest chance of dying.

This fruit is what they need in order to become strong and to grow.

Remember that is very important to use organic tomatoes for the growing process, because tomatoes which are commercially grown won’t become tomato plants.

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