He Cuts Off The Bottom Of Soda Bottles, Stacks Them Up Then A Few Weeks Later He Has A Garden Full Of Vegetables

A limited garden area doesn’t mean you can’t have a kitchen garden of your own! A vertical gardening needs so little space it can even be done on a balcony or against a wall!

This amazing idea is the creation of botany professor Willem Van Cotthem from Belgium.

The first thing you do is cut the bottom of a plastic bottle.

Poke holes in the other end of the bottle as this will allow water to drain out.

Fill the bottle with soil. Use either potting soil or if you have a mix of nutrient-rich soil along with plant food that can work well also.

Now connect the first bottle to a fence or a wall. Have the cap face down.

Do leave the cap on the bottle. But for the rest, you will want to have the caps removed. That way you only poke holes in the sides of the bottle on bottom. The rest of the bottles will drain out from their empty cap holes.