The Slow Mo Guys are back at it again. I was introduced to their YouTube channel a few months ago and they always put up the coolest videos and do them in slow motion.

Dan Gruchy And Gavin Free Are The Slow Mo Guys

For the more adventurous bunch, filling up water balloons and having an all out war can make for some pretty monumental summer memories. And YouTube stars, the Slow Mo Guys, have taken launching water balloons to epic proportions with their latest video.

Their Popular YouTube Channel Has Tons Of Fans

Dubbed the first in a series called “Giant Balloon June,” the Slow Mo Guys reveal what happens when an enormous six-foot filled water balloon is placed on top of Gavin and bursts in all its slow motion glory.

This Isn’t The First Time They’ve Filmed Huge Water Balloons Exploding In Slow Motion

For those of you not familiar with Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, they’ve cornered the market on filming anything and everything imaginable in slow motion detail with a special $150,000 camera that’s sure to blow your mind.

They Always Have A Blast Together – Literally

From rubber band wrapped watermelons exploding to diving into 1,000 mousetraps, their mesmerizing videos have their fans coming back to watch more clips, time and time again.

Everything They Do In Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing

How many takes do you think this took?