Girl’s Quartet Walk To The Front Of The Class, But When They Start Singing This Old Classic? UNBELIEVABLE!!

Now when most girls idolize Justin Biebers and Taylor Swifts of the world, seeing something like this is pretty strange. These 4 young ladies just wowed me with their BEAUTIFUL a cappella barbershop mashup. These oldies but goodies had me tapping my toes and humming along. But oh my stars what talent these girls have.


Meet Girl’s Quartet, or GQ for short. They’re a four-piece acapella group from Baltimore, Maryland, who want to show the world it’s the voices, not appearance, that make up a barbershop quartet. I was first a bit hesitant about watching, but when they started performing? I honestly couldn’t be more impressed!

Someone needs to get these girls some pinstripe suits and hats, because they have what it takes to make it as a barbershop quartet. If you’re like me and want to support them, they have a website as well as a Facebook page. They also have an album you can purchase!

They sang just for a small group of their teachers and classmates, but someone recorded this video and uploaded it to YouTube and shortly after the view count went to 7 digit figures. We hope you keep doing what you’re doing, girls. You’re amazing.

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