Zimbabwe is home to beautiful national parks where you can observe countless wild animals from afar. But one day, the workers from one of these parks were startled to see an unfamiliar elephant trampling through the grasslands.

1.And He Lived Happily Ever After.

But once the effect had subsided, this giant beauty moved around playfully, While the skipper prayed for his speedy recovery.

2.They Call Him ‘Pretty Boy’

The giant was renamed by his savior as ‘Pretty Boy’. Once he was up after the tranquilizer, the dizziness made him rub his head against the tree.

3.The Big Boy Just Got Lucky.

The elephant was an inch away from death! Had the bullet went an inch deeper, he could have lost out on his life.

4.A Winning Glory.

The vet succeeded in ripping out the bullet from his head. Further, they’d wiped away the wound injecting him with antibiotics.