Speeding can be a huge problem in many neighborhoods. One grandmother in particular has had enough of it.

Whether it’s teens trying to show off by ignoring speed limits or commuters who are rushing to work, erratic driving can cause streets to become unsafe for neighbors, children, and pets.

Speed bumps and electronic signs flashing a driver’s speed are a couple ways that local governments have found to help solve the problem. But one grandma has made it her mission to stop speedy drivers, finding an easy and free solution to slow down the speed demons on her block.

Jean Brooks, 67-years-old, claims she has stopped dangerous driving outside her home in Nottingham. How?

Well, Jean cleverly pretended her hairdryer was a speed gun and points it at speeding cars who drive down her street.

Those cars soon slow down.

Jean’s neighbors have even noticed a remarkable difference in the speed of the traffic which comes through their street, all because Jean started pointing her ‘speed gun’ at them.

Jean said:

“The problem with the traffic was that it was mental, kids with what I like to call sewing machines on wheels or quad bikes and mothers were driving at around 50 or 60 mph because they were late to school.

“I thought I’d get my hair dryer, stand by the gate and follow them up the road with it so they must’ve thought I was a nutter.

“The first time the quad bikers came past showing off when I had my hair dryer out, I said to them, ‘Not a problem lads, I’ve got it all here.’

“I’ve never seen them from that day to this, they didn’t know it was just a hair dryer that I’ve scared them off with.”

Jean decided to make a stand against motorists who typically reached speeds of up to 50 mph on her 30mph road.

This genius granny has even had a few confrontations with angry motorists since she started pointing her imitation speed gun their way.

“It’s a 30 zone and there’s a big sign at the top of the road which literally cannot be missed.

“Mothers who’ve been too long at the hairdresser’s or bingo or whatever and are running late to pick up their kids from school, come speeding down here hitting crazy speeds.

“I was in my garden at half past seven in the morning and I’d seen a car come down this road at 40, 45 mph.

“A guy built like a toilet door stopped and got out of his car and said, ‘What are you doing?’

“I said what this? My hair dryer? He was clearly surprised and never said a word.

“No one scares me, the only thing I’m afraid of is fire and I’m a smoker.”