Fridge Full Of Beer Found Amid Cleanup In Nebraska Floodwaters

March  — A pair of men doing cleanup work in Nebraska floodwaters discovered a “mini fridge” in an empty field that was filled with ice-cold beers.

Kyle Simpson and Gayland Stouffer said they were heading back toward the highway after a day of cleanup work on Simpson’s land, near Schuyler, when they spotted a black box that had apparently been dropped into the empty field by the flooded Platte River, which had since receded from the field.

The box turned out to be a refrigerator filled with Busch Light and Bud Light beers.

The men shared photos of the mini fridge with friends, who posted the pictures to social media.

Simpson and Stouffer said the photos went viral and were eventually seen by the owner of the fridge, Brian Healy, who said he recognized it by scorch marks from an old cabin fire and the ratio of Bud to Busch beers inside.

“I couldn’t hardly believe they found it all intact,” Healy told the Omaha World-Herald. “The pictures really made me laugh.”

Simpson said he plans to reunite Healy with his property.

“It’s nice that somebody can smile about this story,” said Simpson, who was loading up nonperishable food to donate. “But it doesn’t really take away from the fact that people really need help, not just supplies.”

Once the water recedes and the roads are repaired, Simpson said he plans to fetch “the little refrigerator that could” and take it back to the Healy family —”Minus a couple of a beers.”

“Minus a couple of beers.”