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Female Cop Becomes Sensation When Her Unbelievable Double Life Is Revealed

You can’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a popular statement and one that is proven time and time again in our society. The biggest, strongest, meanest-looking biker might be a pediatrician and the sweetest, best-looking man you’ve ever met might end up being the next Jeffrey Dahmer.

The beautiful, talented lady turned out to be so much more than meets the eye, since there is more to her story than being revealed as a hard-as-nails cop…

Dominican Republic-born Samantha relocated to America when she was just five-years-old with her family. Her mother settled in New York City and quickly began working in a factory to ensure that she could give her children the best life.

Samantha was quite the athlete during her teenage years, she played lacrosse for her high school team and was so good that she was offered a scholarship at the University of Massachusetts. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in management and soon returned to her New York home.

Standing at just 5’2″, this little lady was deceptively strong – she had to be to keep up in every game of lacrosse. Not only that, she was a fitness fanatic and dedicated feminist.

The smart woman went on to graduate with an MBA in finance from Hofstra University but it wasn’t until she was done with her studies that she realised that she didn’t want a career in management or finance. In fact, Samantha wanted to go down a completely different path…