Family Heartlessly Abandons Pit Bull, Then A Neighbor Does Something Incredible…

People are forced to give up dogs for a number of reasons. Whether they can’t afford the care or are struggling with other demands, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why people have to hand over their canines. However, what’s less easy to understand is why someone would dump their four-legged friend like trash.

Take Boo, for instance. His unconditional love landed him homeless, although we’re not exactly sure why. Whatever the reason, his story is certainly a bittersweet success story.

Boo was just a regular family dog in Detroit when his family moved out of their home. Like most people, they put a lot of their old belongings on the curb for the trash to pick up. Unlike most people, one of their trashed items was Boo. Yes, you read that right. They tossed Boo out in with the trash.

Animal lover Liz Marie noticed Boo lying on a discarded mattress outside of his old house. It seems he had no idea he was thrown away and was simply waiting for his family to return. Unfortunately, they clearly had no intentions of coming back. “This picture absolutely breaks my heart, I am literally in tears. Meet Boo, this beautiful boy was left behind with the trash and belongings when the family moved out. He stayed right by their stuff and never left it, confused and lonely,” she wrote on Facebook.