Exhausted Nurse Falls Asleep In Salon Chair, Then Stylist Snaps Secret Photo Of Her Shoes.

Nurses never fail to impress us. The hardworking, selfless professionals go to great lengths to help their patients recover. Day after day their purpose and character drives them to help others. Nursing is so much more than a job.

Ashley Bolling is a stylist and mother of three who has had great respect for nurses all of her life. Recently, a hospital nurse came into Bolling’s salon after an overnight shift and promptly fell asleep in the salon chair. Bolling graciously let the woman rest while she worked on her hair, but then Bolling glanced down at the hardworking nurse’s shoes.

Bolling was inspired by this moment to write a note of encouragement to nurses everywhere that has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Nurses are incredible people, I think we all know that. In fact, anyone working in the medical field, whether it is a doctor, nurse, paramedic, or something else, all deserve to be rewarded for their amazing service and for how much they help others every now and then.

These people do not get a lot of time to themselves because they are constantly pouring themselves out to help other people in need. This is why it is so great to hear stories like this one where a hardworking nurse gets the recognition she definitely deserves.

Ashley Bolling is a successful stylist and she is also a mother of three children. She wanted to make a statement and let people know that nurses deseve more than just a simple thank you. After a nurse she knows came into her salon and she saw the most amazing thing happen, she had to share the story with others…

It all started when a nurse came into her salon, Captivate Salon & Spa. She was in her chair getting styled when she fell asleep. Ashley explains that she had one of those “stop you in your tracks” kind of moments when this happened. She says she continued working on the hair of this exhausted nurse…

The nurse had been awake at work all night long and didn’t even get a chance to sleep because she needed to fit in this hair appointment. However, that didn’t stop this amazing nurse from getting her stylist some breakfast on her way to the appointment. The stylist says that as she dozed off, she gently rested her head down and continued to foil her hair. That’s when she noticed something that caught her eye.