Ex-inmate sues Oklahoma penitentiary after he suffered a 91-HOUR erection while behind bars

pittsburg county sheriffs office

A former inmate is suing an Oklahoma jail after he claims he was denied medical care by officials while suffering a 91-hour erection in 2016.

Dustin Lance claims his civil rights were violated in the $5 million lawsuit he filed on September 18 in Pittsburg County District Court against Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris, the Pittsburg County Board of County Commissioners, three county sheriff’s deputies, a nurse and up to 10 other unnamed individuals, Tulsa World reported.

The 32-year-old alleges that he suffered permanent injury after staff at the jail did not allow him to seek medical care while he suffered from the erection on December 15, 2016 after taking a pill offered to him by another inmate.

He claims that he told jail officials the next day that he was having an issue and suffering in ‘unbearable pain’ from the erection.

Lance alleges that he was mocked repeatedly by staff at the jail and denied medical care until December 19.

He was transported to McAlester Regional Hospital around noon that day by jail employees. But doctors at the hospital said they could not treat his condition and said he needed to be transferred to Tulsa to see a urologist, according to the lawsuit.

Officials returned Lance back to the jail and then arranged for him to be released on his own recognizance instead of transporting him to a Tulsa hospital, according to the lawsuit.

On Tuesday, county officials field a motion seeking to dismiss the case on grounds that it is improperly being brought by someone dead.

Officials cited language in the petition that indicates Lance is deceased and they say a representative of his estate should have brought the suit if in fact he is dead.

An attorney who filed the lawsuit, Jon Williford, told Tulsa World that ‘Lance had not died and attributed the reference to his client’s demise to a ‘scrivener’s error.”

He said they would amend the lawsuit to remove references to his client’s death.

Lance was initially behind bars on burglary and possession of controlled dangerous substances charges.

Prosecutors later dismissed his case, but refiled a misdemeanor charge of breaking and entering a dwelling without permission. The criminal case is pending in Pittsburg County District Court.

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