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Every 90s Kid Should Remember These Best Toys Ever!!

Do you remember your grandmother walking through the door of your 5th birthday party with the biggest box you have ever seen? I sure do.

That was the year the Little Tikes Dollhouse made an appearance, and it’s been around ever since.

Let’s not forget the Barbie craze and all the cool McDonald’s toys that had us praying our parents would take us out for a happy meal.

The 90s toys and games are still relevant today!

Polly Pocket

Sure Polly and her friends aren’t extinct after their premiere in the 90s but they just aren’t the same. These compact playsets were a staple for every 90s girl! It seemed like our parents were always getting mad at us for leaving these little choking hazards around the house.

Doodle Bear

“Put it in the washing machine and it comes out nice and clean…”

The jingle still rings in my head more than 20 years later. Now that’s great advertising of the 90s. We all loved to doodle on this fluffy friend and mom loved how easy he was to clean!

Who remembers the commercial?

Puppy Surprise

We all loved surprises in the 90s! There is an entire generation of kids that believed babies came out of Velcro stomachs into their teens. How many puppies did you get in your Puppy Surprise?

My Little Pony

What 90s girl doesn’t remember My Little Pony? Brushing the tangles out of your My Little Pony’s tail was a past time we all fondly remember. What color was your My Little Pony doll?

The Babysitter’s Club Mystery Game

After you finished reading all the books, it was only natural to want to play the game! Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Jessi and Mallory are back and ready for another adventure.

The world changed when electronic toys were introduced to us in the 90s.

Not only could we read our horoscope and use a calendar, but we should share our innermost thoughts under a password thanks to Tiger’s hot toy.

Being a 90s girl also meant so many cool dolls.

While they may look weird (and possibly a bit creepy) now, these were new and top of the line then.

Dear Diary

My best kept secrets were always in my Dear Diary. When you didn’t trust your locked journal you turned to this trusty friend. With a password lock, you could comfortably write your secret crushes name a dozen times and never worry about someone ratting you out!