For many people, their wedding day is one of the most important events of their lives. Also, the most awaited and planned one. It’s being prepared to the last detail, but sometimes people fail in the most obvious way. No matter how much you try, sometimes you can ruin your wedding by wearing a not-so-pleasant-looking wedding gown. With all eyes on the bride, imagine what that wedding looks like or feels like for the guests.

Instead of being the highlight of the beauty of the ceremony, these brides have done a terrible job.

TheTalko has made a photo compilation of women wearing the not-so-great-looking wedding dresses and we are about to see what not to wear on your wedding day.

2. It’s one thing to look sexy and revealing for your partner, but it’s totally different when all your family members (and his family members) are watching you walk down the aisle with next to nothing on.

3. I suppose this particular bride is expecting things not to work out quite so well because she already has wings on ready to fly away at the first negative sign.

4. A train for a wedding dress refers to that long tail that flows from the dress. Most brides tend to have 1, at most 2, people carrying their train. This bride however has nearly 30 people carrying it. I guess her dress contains a literal train.

5. Weddings are generally expensive, that’s why it’s important to make sure that you pick the right person to spend all that money and time (see: the rest of your life) with. I suppose a quick and easy way to lower costs would be to auction off parts of the wedding dress as advertisement. The highest bidder gets the biggest surface area of the dress!