With a little thought and hard work, you can add make your home look and feel like a luxurious residence. It’s all in the details.

1.For Thick Baseboards

Just add a strip of trim wood, a bit above the already existing baseboards, now paint them according to the colour and it is how you can get a faux thick baseboard!

2.Cake Stands For Sinks

Use cake stands for the sink needs!

3.Garage Doors

Paint the false windows on the garage doors to make it look more exotic!

4.Placing The Rug

Know where you should place the rug, it is really important!

5.Decorate The Window

There will be at least one window that would not require the curtain, so use brackets to decorate that window thereby adding an exotic look!

6.The Curtain Lock

Adding a simple hardware as a curtain lock will give the entire room a posh look!