Don’t Throw Dryer Sheets Away – Here Are 12 Amazing Dryer Sheet Hacks That Can Be Used As Cleaning And Deodorizing Your Home

Just dried a load of laundry? Don’t throw away that used fabric softener sheet just yet. You can repurpose a used sheet for a variety of practical uses around the home, such as picking up pet hair from your furniture, deodorizing your gym bag, removing static cling from your stockings, and adding shine to your mirrors and toaster.

You can also keep an unused fabric softener dryer sheet in your sewing kit to keep your sewing thread from getting tangled. Simply thread a needle and run the threaded needle through the dryer sheet; by doing so, you coat the thread in a nonstick coating that makes it harder for the thread to get tangled.

1.Srub old food off a pan

Old food that sticks to pans are real hard to scrub off. Keep the pan soaked in hot water overnight with a dryer sheet. The next day wipe the pan clean of any residue with the dryer sheet.

2.Add a dryer sheet to your vacuum bag as air freshner

Add a used dryer sheet to your vacuum bag especially if your vacuum is an old one that lets off a musty odor. Your house will then smell like fabric softner.

3.Get rid of deodorant marks

White deodorant marks are hard to remove. Even if you try wiping them off with tissue, they stain even more. A used dryer sheet is excellent way of getting rid of deodorant marks.

4.Remove dust from window blinds

A dryer sheet is great for removing dust from window blinds. You need to close the blinds and wipe them vertically. Repeat again with the blinds open fully.

5.Get rid of hair static from your brush

This is a good way to benefit from dryer sheet hacks. In winter hair static is a common occurrence, rubbing a dryer sheet on the bristles of the brush will reduce the static.

6.Clean a soleplate of your iron

Dirt easily accumulates on the sole plate of an electric iron. Turn ion the iron keeping it on low, then rub it clean with a dryer sheet.