When 10-year-old Frannie, a poodle mix was found inside of a church in north St. Louis County in March, the innocent dog had 19 stab wounds on her neck, back, and chest. Police were first on the scene when they responded to a mental health crisis and found an 18-year-old woman alongside Frannie. The Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force was called and when they saw Frannie, they immediately rushed the dog back to their headquarters. She was suffering from blood loss, as well as shock and trauma when she first arrived. Her situation was so poor she was in “guarded condition” at the Humane Society headquarters. It was unclear if Frannie would survive the ordeal…

When police got a call about a stabbing in a church, they rushed to the scene as fast as they could. However, it seemed like it might already be too late, because when they got there, they found the victim bleeding to death.

In March 2017, the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) received a call from the police in St. Louis Country. The cops needed their help with an unfolding incident. So the animal welfare organization sent a special task force to the scene.

The cops had been attending an episode at a church in the north of the county. They had been called to deal with a mental-health related incident. But what they found when they got there was shocking.

Upon arriving at the place of worship, the HSMO team found a red shape lying on the ground. They quickly realized however that the object was a badly wounded dog. And it was bleeding to death.