Depressed Homeless Man Sits In The Same Corner For 3 Years Then Curious Mom Steps In

How many times a day do you pass homeless people on the street? Depending on where you live, it could be more than you’re able to count. And when you do pass them, do you often see the same person over and over? Ginger Sprouse did. But it took her 3 years of seeing him in the same spot day after day to finally decide to talk to him.

This Is Victor / Facebook

The man’s name is Victor Hubbard, and as soon as Ginger got to know him, she discovered how kind of a man he really is. Ginger asked Victor why he was always in the same spot, and his answer broke her heart. He said he was waiting for his mother to return. She had left a few years ago, and he wanted her to be able to find him easily.

After that day, Ginger and Victor quickly became friends. “He didn’t ask me for anything. He didn’t want anything. He was just excited that I wanted to stop and talk to him.”

During their weekly coffee meet-ups, she found out that he had been out on the streets for about 10 years, and social services hadn’t been able to find his mother for the past 3. Ginger was determined to get Victor the help he needed.

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On one particularly cold evening in their hometown of Texas, Ginger and her husband let Victor stay in their home for the night. He began to stay their morefrequently, but Ginger knew there was more she could do. “”This is not OK with me that he’s here waiting, and we can’t do anything about it.” she said.

Ginger started a Gofundme page as well as a Facebook page to raise awareness and get help for Victor. Through the help of crowdfunding, Ginger has been able to raise over $28,000 so Victor can have food, clothes, a place to stay, as well as the proper treatment he needs.

While all of this help and attention has helped Victor find his mother- who only lives about 2 miles away- Ginger does not think that living with her is the best thing for him.

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“We are very hopeful that he will make good decisions and not want to go back and stay with her and continue this cycle of not being medicated and being out on the street, and all of those things that go along with mental illness, because she does not have the capacity to be able to care for him the way that he needs.”

Because of this, Ginger has taken Victor into her home on a more permanent basis. He now has a job working for the company Ginger owns, which teaches cooking classes. She knows that caring for Victor is a full-time commitment, one that she takes very seriously.

“”We kind of had to make that decision. Is he really a part of our family? Do we really mean it when we say that he’s going to be in our lives for the rest of it if that’s where he wants to be? And we said, ‘Yes, he is.”’

This Is Victor / Facebook

It is one thing to give out a few dollars or some food for a person in need, but Ginger took lending a helping hand to the next level. We’re so happy she found such a loving friend in Victor, and that he is getting the help he needs to live a successful life.