Dating Your Best Friend- Expectation vs Reality.

Dating your best friend may sound like a good idea in theory, but the practice of it is another story. Now, first let me qualify something: when I say best friend, I am not talking about your guy friend who you have always had a secret crush on and with whom you have amazing chemistry. I am talking about your best friend who is pretty much family and that you’ve always had a platonic relationship with. He is the one to call you out when you’re being a jerk, and he is your partner in crime.

So here are the expectations vs the reality of dating your best friend.

1.Give It A Second Thought.

You might just want to wind up everything and make a fresh start. What were you thinking back then, my friend.

2.How Happy Could You Be ?

Marrying someone you’ve been knowing for years may draw your attentions towards how lucky you could be..

And then..

3.How Fun IS Lovemaking ?

The minute you think its your moment and you hop on to get intimate, awkwardness gonna grab both of you from all around.

4.Friends With Benefits.

You may have a sneaking suspicion that its all gonna be smooth as cream or maybe, that this is the best you could end with,

5.Think Again, Pal !

Worst just got served on your plate. You lose out on both if things don’t workout well.

6.Friends Until The World Comes To An End ?

You may swore to each other that you’ll be friends forever no matter what may come..

But what’s it once you are more than friends ?