Dad Decides To Fill His Garden With Water, You Won’t Believe The End Result

One family came to the conclusion that they were tired of their sad-looking back garden, so decided to take it to the next level with a huge new project.

Take a look at how they totally transformed their garden into a tropical haven.

The family had an idea in mind which the whole household would enjoy. They began planning how they wanted their new garden to look.

Birdseye View: Once the plans were in place, the family came to a final decision that not only would cost a lot of money but a lot of time too. This photo was taken on day one of the ‘next stage’.

They knew they needed to execute the project with serious precision in order to get the most out of their garden. The fact that their space was untouched helped with the beginning stages of the excavation.

Firstly, they brought in a small bulldozer for excavating, this would remove all of the dead grass and a layer of soil so they would be able to dig further down.

The use of the excavator meant they could hurry the project along, as they could remove lots of soil in a short space of time.