Cruel Kids Tried To Drown This Puppy In Glue, But Rescuers Refused To Give Up Hope

He’Art of Rescue is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and was founded in 2011. It focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals and relies on the help of volunteers and funding from donations.

Now upon investigation at the charity, it became clear that a group of mean kids had immersed poor Pascal in glue and then dragged him across the dirt. As the mix of mud and glue dried, then, the poor pooch could hardly move. Read on for more details!

He’Art of Rescue

Typically, we think of children as being more innocent and kind than adults. Since they haven’t experienced as much, the thought goes, they’re more “pure” than their parents.

That wasn’t the case for a group of children in Turkey, however. When they came across a stray puppy named Pascal on the streets, they cruelly decided to cover him from head to toe in glue and drag him through tall grass. By the time they were finished with him, he was barely breathing, and encased in a solid prison of grass, glue and fur.

He’Art of Rescue

A rescue organization named He’Art of Rescue International found Pascal in time to have a shot at saving him. His recovery was going to be a challenge, and there was no guarantee he’d make it…

The kids covered Pascal with glue and then dragged him through the dirt. When rescuers found the tortured animal, the glue and dirt had hardened so much that not a single hair was left untouched. The coating was as hard as cement and had pinched off important arteries and nerves — Pascal was in excruciating pain. When the animal rights activists saw him, they had to fight back the tears.

He’Art of Rescue