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Couple Trying To Conceive For 4 Years Were Mistakenly Having Anal Sex

After consulting doctors, the concerned couple, from Bijie city, China, found out why they’d been having difficulties conceiving: they’d mistakenly been having anal sex for the entirety of their relationship.

Discussing their medical history with obstetrician Liu Hongmei, the 26-year-old husband and 24-year-old wife said they’d been having sex regularly and were under pressure from their families to produce a baby.

Intercourse was unusually painful for the wife, leading Dr Liu to originally believe she was suffering from some sort of gynecological disease.

However, on further inspection, it was revealed the wife had never actually had vaginal sex. The couple had been exclusively having anal intercourse throughout their entire marriage.

According to Metro, Dr Hongmei, who found she could ‘fit three fingers inside’ the wife’s anus, said:

“Four years of marriage and neither the husband nor wife knew how to get pregnant. Couples so lacking in general knowledge are very rare.

But it is not uncommon for people to lack or have misconceptions regarding sexual knowledge.”

Dr Liu gave them both a much needed sex ed handbook, and instructed them on ‘guidelines’ before sending them back to their confused love nest.

Happily, this much needed dose of sex education appeared to work a treat, and the young couple are now expecting their first child.

Deeply grateful for the good doctor’s intervention, the couple sent her a gift of 100 eggs and a live hen.