During the course of our lives, countless snippets of information are stored in the brain: some useful, others merely of interest. This quiz tests your knowledge of the world and beyond! [VERY HARD]

There is no particular theme associated with this test, such that it can’t be labeled a ‘math quiz’ or a ‘geography test’ it is more of a general knowledge exam that judges how trendy, intuitive, and resourceful you are.

Let’s start off with a ‘simple one.’ Decided what your answer is yet? 100 centimeters is well…100 centimeters. And 50 inches is approximately 127 centimeters. So if you chose 50 inches, you are correct!

The lightest ball is a ping pong while the heaviest is a tie between a shot put and a bowling ball. However, a regulation size 7 basketball weighs approximately 625 grams, more than the other 2 balls.

This one might be a ‘tough one’ if you are not anthropologically inclined. Many believe that dinosaurs are reptiles or just ‘giant lizards’ when in reality experts suspect that dinosaurs are more like giant featherless birds.

Crayons are made out of wax…that’s why they taste so delicious! Just kidding, crayons are most certainly not edible and the paraffin wax along with the color pigment are two ingredients that are certainly not organic.

A fortnight is actually two weeks! Two weeks, also known as ‘fourteen days’, was derived from that old English term.