The Ugly Duckling is a classic children’s fairy tale by Hans Christen Andersen. The story follows an ill-favored black duck who is made fun of and abused by the beautiful birds he’s surrounded with. To the behest of his abusers, the ugly duckling is transformed into a beautiful swan.

Well much like the ugly ducking, these people discovered that inside what appeared to be a not so pleasant exterior, was a beautiful and sexy human being that just needed time to flourish. And much like the beautiful swan in the Ugly Duckling, these people went from being made fun of to being drooled at cause they’re so fine.

Sure, he might have started off looking like the eldest son on “Fresh Off The Boat.”

But as this kid got older, his fat turned into muscle, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed and that’s his adorable smile which has probably made girls swoon over him.

Braces, we all hate getting them because we’re afraid they’ll make us look fugly.

The truth is they do and they make brushing our teeth, French kissing and eating an apple really difficult. But the years spent growing up with a mouth full of braces and faces covered in pimples are an awkward phase that passes, leaving you looking like a hunk we’d all like to kiss.

Some changes are small and subtle but boy do they make a difference.

A few extra muscles here and there, a nice haircut, and even a new wardrobe could be all it takes to make people realize that you’re a real stud muffin.

There’s potential beauty in all of us and you can easily turn into a fit beefcake just like this guy.

He used to be a chubby adolescent kid, but now he’s got a face and a body that he’s totally proud of. See what eating right and working out can do for you?

This girl is hardly recognizable anymore. It’s like she’s a whole different person.

Can you imagine the satisfaction this girl must have felt when she probably turned down the bully that used to make fun of her, but probably tried hitting on her because she looks oh so fine now.

How you look as a teenager doesn’t have to define your whole life.

This guy looked pretty spiffy and preppy at 16, but of course, the whole sexy, shirtless Clark Kent look at 20 isn’t too bad either.