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As Soon As The Bride Says “I Do,” Groom Reveals Secret

Since a wedding day is one of the most special days for them, bride and groom often prepare for the surprises for each other. For this couple, the groom prepared a surprise present for the bride. She never expected him to prepare a wedding gift so it was an unexpected gift for her.
The groom was sure that the bride will like his present because it was a gift that she has wanted for so long time.

Jeff Althoff and Jenna Althoff had their wedding on March 4. They married in a grandiose cathedral and had a reception in a gorgeous candlelit venue. This Minnesota couple had a beautiful wedding.

Before the wedding, Jeff told his groomsmen that he “will be surprising Jenna with the wedding gift of her dreams,” but he wanted to keep it a secret until the reception. The whole surprise was recorded by production company Redmond Digital Media and bride’s reaction was recorded without any exaggeration.

After the wedding ceremony at the Cathedral, everyone gathered together and Jeff grabbed the mic.

And the time came.

He stood nervously by his bride at the head table. He started with the comment for the guest who came to the wedding, thanking everybody for coming to celebrate their special day.

“I’m a little bit nervous up here right now because I’m about to give Jenna a big surprise, but she doesn’t know that,” Jeff said.

He directed Jenna towards the front of the table so that she can see what he prepared and as she walked to the front, she seemed to be very confused about what would happen next.

“I’ve heard a few rumbles and a few jokes about it along the way, but Jenna I decided to give you a wedding gift that was completely for you,” Jeff said while staring into Jenna’s eyes.

As the bride and the groom are passionate hunters, Jeff made sure that the present was not hunting gear. But still, the present was what Jenna has always wanted.

Jeff then asked: “Would you agree with me that the last few hours have been the best hours of your life as a family of two?”

Jenna nodded her head as a yes, but then Jeff told her, “we have now become a family of three!” That’s when Jenna turned around to see what was coming.

Even though she didn’t expect what to happen next, Jenna loved what she saw, the cutest creature in the world: a puppy!

Watch the video below to find out how much she was excited to receive a present!