ALERT: If You See THIS in a Hotel Room or Public Bathroom, Leave and Call 911 IMMEDIATELY!

Folks, we’ve been asking the wrong question. Instead of worrying about who “uses” what bathroom, we need to be concerned with who is “WATCHING” us in the bathroom, because you might be surprised.

Recently, investigators in Florida have uncovered some very disturbing information regarding public restrooms, Hotel rooms and your privacy.

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It is not expected that simple coat hook can set off any red flags, right?

In fact, hooks are quite common thing you see, whether you are at home, at work, public restroom or at hotel. They have specific function and are very handy.

However, that is the thing of which criminals and deviants are betting on. There are lots of sickos out there and this article is warning about another group of them.

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To be more precise, perverts used the latest in high tech spy cameras and easily can record people in their most private moments. These hooks have been found in a lot of hotel rooms and ladies’ rooms. You should not take this warning for granted. Even though they seem to be very unassuming, they actually can destroy your life.

Police in Florida investigates recent rash of hidden spy cameras. There are three incidents which were reported to police, about spy cameras that were mounted in innocent looking coat hooks. It is important to mention that these cameras are available online, and can be bought by anyone.