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Alarmed Mom Warns Parents After Toddler Breaks Out in Blistered Rash From a Single Kiss

There’s nothing worse than having a baby who’s struggling, and being utterly powerless in making the ache go away.

Too many mother and father undergo the agony of watching their youngster endure unthinkable most cancers remedies, terrifying surgical procedures and numerous needles. For Savina French-Bell, it was watching her 2-year-old daughter endure from a blistering rash. Not solely may she do nothing to assist her youngster, however for months, medical doctors have been at a loss to what was even flawed.

The day after Sienna Duffield’s 2nd birthday, Savina observed a rash on her daughter’s face. It wasn’t just a bit pink space. The look of the rash on Sienna’s pores and skin was utterly alarming.

The day after Sienna Duffield’s 2nd birthday, Savina noticed a rash on her daughter’s face. It wasn’t just a little pink area. The appearance of the rash on Sienna’s skin was completely alarming.

“It started to look like someone had thrown acid over her face,” Savina said. “It spread from her mouth to her cheeks, and above her eyes.”

Creams and ointments didn’t help, and doctors had no solution. For eight months, Sienna’s face was a bloody mess—covered in itchy bumps and patches, painful blisters, and scabbing from her relentless scratching.

Savina describes the rash as though it was eating the flesh off of Sienna’s face. Her clothes were constantly covered in blood, and the sores around her mouth made eating an absolute nightmare. Eventually she became hospitalized and forced to receive nutrients through an IV.

Things only continued to get worse, and Savina was desperate for an answer that would relieve her baby girl. She back-tracked to everything that had happened leading up to the start of Sienna’s rash.

Eight months into the rash, Savina realized the outbreak came shortly after a relative gave Sienna a kiss. That relative had herpes, which was transmitted to the toddler at her birthday party.