1.The Upgrade

If you’ll ask to be upgraded to the nicer seats on the plane, we will ask you to pay! But, if you sit on any empty seat and act inconspicuous, we might not even care to check the boarding pass!


You can not outsmart us! We’ll know if you’re having sex inside the lavatory. It happens very frequently, but we can easily open the door from outside!


Not many people know about it, but you get high on planes quicker because of the air pressure, but we do not tolerate any kind of crap that you would want to make on the board! You would be thrown out by the bouncers right away!


In the newer planes, there are special cabins for people who have died on the planes! But, you won’t be invited in there as well!

5.Trans oceanic flight

Yes, in trans-oceanic flight, there is a cabin for crews to take some sleep! And no, howsoever sweet you behave, you won’t be invited in!