After Calling a Repairman for a Furnace Emergency, Newborn’s Dad Is Stunned When He Sees The Bill

A new baby needs constant attention and requires first priority. It seems like a lot to handle, but if you ask any parent they will tell you without hesitation their baby is well worth it.

Unfortunately, the deep love and affection they have for their child does not alleviate any surprise hardships a family may encounter. Like a furnace that goes out in freezing weather.

When the heat suddenly stops working in your home in the middle of winter in Minnesota, it’s enough to cause some stress. But when you have a newborn baby, one might panic.


On February 23, the furnace went out in Jesse and Maria Hulscher’s home. Their son, Adler, was just born.


That morning, Jesse and their 2-year-old son were home preparing to visit Maria and baby Adler in the hospital.

“Feb 23rd…..that was the morning after Adler was born and I was just hopping out of the shower at my house about the get Henrick ready to go up the hospital to see Maria and baby Adler when the blower fan stopped working in our furnace,” Jesse said. “I rushed to dial Magnuson Sheet Metal and I think Craig sensed the urgency in my voice that I needed someone to fix the problem and asap (need heat in the house for the new baby!).


“After explaining the new baby and the need to make sure we had heat, not only did they have some one over with 20 minutes of hanging up but……. checked the mailbox today waiting to find an invoice from them and this is what I find. Can’t thank them enough for the great service, speedy response time and amazing technicians. Businesses like this earn customers for life!”