A Walmart Shopper Harassed Two Women In The Middle Of The Store And The Racist Tirade Was Caught On Video

On May 22 this video was posted on Reddit. It shows a very hateful, very racist woman verbally assaulting a lady in Walmart. It continues until an employee comes over and puts an end to it.

Ah, Walmart, one of the last true frontiers left in America. The place where you can go to find all of your home needs whether it be food, furniture or electronics. The products they sell are not what makes Walmart such an American treasure. Oh no, not at all. That honor falls to the people who frequent the store.

You see without the people, Walmart would be just another store. The people give it all of its personality. People like this beauty:

Or even these leopard print heroes:

And who can forget this class act:

But there is one type of person in general that Walmart attracts more than any other type. That’s this guy. The common Souther American redneck. Most are kind folk who don’t bother anyone who doesn’t bother them. They just want to shop and go home. They make up a large chunk of America’s backbone. They come in two types. I have already described the first type.