A Piano Sits At A Station. But No One Expects THIS When A Traffic Marshall Walks Up…

Public pianos are one of those great ideas you rarely see work, at least not in person. Usually it’s just curious strangers banging random keys just for the heck of it, but thank God we have YouTube because little bits of magic like this one would have gone unnoticed.

Footage of a man dressed as a traffic marshal dazzling commuters at St Pancras station with his piano playing skills has sparked a debate into whether it is a hoax.

The video, uploaded onto Youtube earlier this month, shows a workman dressed in an orange uniform playing the ‘Boogie-woogie’ on a public piano in front of amazed passers-by at the busy station.

The minute-and-a-half clip drew praise on the internet, with many praising his talent. The clip has been viewed almost 750,000 times.

But some people were less than impressed with the video, accusing the clip of being staged by a professional piano player.

Kool Breeze commented: “Never done a days work in his life – audience would have been more stunned if he went out and started digging a hole in the road.”

Nik said: “More like: Professional piano player wearing a brand “NEW” construction suit with no scuff marks on his shoes. Fake traffic marshal. But amazing piano player.”

It appears the talented musician may have been Brendan Kavanagh, known as Dr K, a prolific Youtuber who posts piano tutorials online and has played in St Pancras before.

He uploaded the clip from his official channel, but claimed the man was a workman on his lunch break, despite the stark resemblance.

However, Many viewers jumped to the defence of the piano player, claiming to believe the video is real.

Mike Patton said: “What? A dude with a day job can’t be a shredding musician? I know tons of them.”

Dane Logan posted: “Why is he wasting his time with a boring job when he can do this?”

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