While she is preparing to take off her mask for the first time, Dana Vulin has revealed she is fighting another battle, but this time, it’s cancer.

The 28-year-old was doused with methylated spirits and set on fire by a woman jealous of her beauty two and a half years ago in a horrific premeditated attack to ‘ruin her pretty face’.

On Sunday, after 30 months of agonising reconstructive surgery and more than 30 procedures, the Perth woman will take off the mask that she’s been forced to wear to cover her burnt face.

Ms Vulin suffered third-degree burns to two thirds of her body, including her face, and has endured constant pain since the horrific attack.

She survived against incredible odds but recently, Ms Vulin revealed she suffered another agonising pain when she was told by her doctor that she has cervical cancer.

1.Courage Personified

Dana fought with the unwanted adversity in her life and braved through 30 surgeries just to get back a proper face. Her positivity and optimism never left her during her struggle of 2 years of keeping her face masked.

2.Fought for Justice

Dana, however, fought for justice and her accused Dimitrovaska has been sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment.

3.Beautiful soul

Dana said”[ When I see in the mirror]I see someone I know and some I don’t know…it’s crazy what I have accepted as normal. It’s crazy that I have accepted wearing mask all day and night normal and having my face out as normal and natural”

4.Third Degree Burns

Dana Vulinhad had survived third-degree burns on her body and face. She was put to fire by a jealous maniac Dimitrovaska who had put her on fire and happily laughed at the sight.

5.30 surgeries

Dana Vulinhad had to cover her face with mask constantly and wear a pressure for two years to protect her face and body which had undergone nearly 30 reconstructive surgeries.