A Man And His Dog


A Man down on his luck. A Dog. An arrest. An impound. This morning Robert was outside our shelter waiting for it to open, nervous, restless, hopeful. He was here to redeem his dog, the love of his life, his buddy, his best friend, his Cody Bear. We worked with Robert on the minimum fees to redeem Cody Bear, Robert cried in happiness that his dog was here but sadness that he didn’t have enough money. Then a person overheard him and gave him some money, then another person and through the generosity of two strangers in the lobby, Robert paid his fees. Most reunions between owner and pet can bring tears to anyone’s eyes, but Cody Bear, upon seeing Robert, lunged towards Robert and jumped up on him with such enthusiasm and affection that he barreled him over and the two rolled around on the ground in the lobby. Employees cried, customers cried, Robert cried. The love between the two was overwhelming. We gave Robert as many pet supplies as we could gather; to whom much is given, much is expected. Staff purchased some snacks for Robert, employees at the spcaLA saw Robert outside and gathered some items for the pair as well. A concerned citizen went home and came back with a backpacking pack and bike for Robert. Robert has lost everything but he didn’t lose his Cody Bear…hours later while Robert waited for a ride from a friend, he was still tearing up that he had found his Cody Bear. Redeemed. Reunited.