Stress is the main cause of many different illnesses and medical conditions, and experts warn about its severe consequences of health.

Sometimes, if its symptoms are unclear, it cannot be noticed right away and causes other side-effects. Therefore, you need to learn its signs in order to try and manage it in order to avoid future complications.

1.No Patience

You absolutely have no patience for others and get irritated and angry rather quickly.

2.Weakened libido

Your libido takes a direct hit due to stress leading to more stress.

3.Constant Work Worry

You are constantly worrying about work and finances. You just don’t let yourself relax.

4.Inability to sit still

Stress causes you to become uncomfortable with your own mind, making you anxious and restless.

5.Body Pain

Most people ignore body pain which is a huge mistake since it is an indicator of some sort of health issue.

6.Weight Fluctuations

Stress affects your weight a great deal. It either slows down your metabolism and makes you gain weight or causes loss of appetite leading to weight loss.