You may drink water simply because you’ve heard that you’re supposed to. But do you know about all of the amazing health benefits that come along with it? Every part of your body needs water to function properly. It can help you maintain a healthy body weight, energize your muscles, keep your skin clear and keep your digestive system running smoothly, among other benefits. On the flip side, not getting enough water can be extremely detrimental and dangerous to your health. Here are 9 signs that your body is desperately trying to tell you to drink more water:

1) Dry / Sticky Mouth

The lack of water can lead to the salivary glands not making enough saliva, resulting in a dry or sticky mouth feel, according to Mayo Clinic. This can also make swallowing more difficult.

2) Less Frequent Urination

When the body does not receive as much water as it is losing in day-to-day functions, the kidneys start to retain water to make up for the higher concentrations of blood, according to Business Insider.

3) Muscle Cramps

If the body does not have enough fluids when working out, the chances of muscle cramps increase, according to MedlinePlus. While the more common muscles to experience cramping are found in the leg, the feet, arms, hands, and abdomen are also likely to cramp as well.