For thousands of years, humans have worked, warred and romped with horses by their side. These incredibly strong, intelligent and quick animals have undoubtedly helped humankind develop and achieve. Beyond all that, though, they’re absolutely gorgeous. And the following 13 breeds? They’re almost unreal.


1. Golden Akhal-Teke

A breed native to Turkmenistan famous for its metallic sheen, it’s very rare to get a horse with gold coloring.

2. Fjord Horse

A small breed horse from Norway, the Fjord breed possesses a distinct dorsal stripe that runs all the way down its mane. With a striking contrast against its color, this feature is common to all horses of this type.

3. Hackney Horse

A hackney is a carriage horse that has an elegant high step. It can trot at high speeds for long distances and over long periods of time too.

4. Knabstrupper

The Knabstrupper is recognized by its distinct feature of beautiful spots known as the leopard complex. The breed has its origins in Denmark dating back to 1812 when a mare with the leopard complex was mated with a solid colored stallion. The leopard complex still shows up in mixed breeds.

5. Suffolk Punch

The Suffolk Punch is unique because of its chestnut shades. The breed is abit shorter than most draft horses but they are string and sturdy and pack a lot of power in their small frame.