9 High School Athletes ‘Held Down 10 Boys Then Sexually Assaulted Them With Coke bottles, Steel Pipes And Baseball Bats’

Police believe the alleged incidents were part of a locker room hazing ritual.

Nine high school students in Texas have been charged for allegedly sexually assaulting other students in sports hazing rituals. According to the Daily Mail, nine high school athletes involved in football, baseball, or basketball, have been accused of sexual assaulting other boys with foreign objects.

Police have not released details of the crimes, but one mother told KABB that her son, as well as a number of other victims, had foreign objects forced into their rectums.


“Kids were holding them down in the locker rooms, there was a lookout at the door watching for coaches not to come,” the mother said. “They hold them down and stick various items up their rectum… including coke bottles, deodorant bottles, steel pipes, baseball bats and broomsticks.”

The mother says that she was unaware of what happened until he told her that he did not want to attend his football practice.

La Vernia police Chief Bruce Ritchley said that the hazing primarily involved the football team at La Vernia High School, but that the basketball and baseball teams were involved as well, to a lesser degree.