8 Of The Rarest Photographs In History

These rare and iconic photographs have preserved some of the most important events in history forever.

1.When you get goosebumps.

Do you get goosebumps looking at a picture where you see your idols, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi in the same picture? Not to forget, Charlie Chaplin too. This picture was taken in 1953 in Switzerland.


You love Disney and its characters. Don’t you? Here have a look at the employee cafeteria of Disney.

You wish you could get the same? Wait till you see the last one.

3.The dressing-room.

In your head, you always fantasy a dressing-room which is very lively and where you feel yourself. Here, have a look at the dressing-room at the Moulin Rouge, 1924.


We love Michelin and their logo is something which you can’t forget. Here, see the first Michelin man.

Are you ready for more?

5.Mc. Donald’s.

Who doesn’t love Mc. Donald’s. It might just be your spot to have the best burgers. This picture shows Willard Scott, the first Ronald McDonald.