Maybe it was the time you stepped the wrong way on your high heels and fell in front of a new work friend. Or the time you got to a date and realized your roommate’s pet’s hair was decorating your black dress. These moments can make you feel frumpy and lose your inner Beyoncé. It probably had you thinking about whether there’s a way to go to whatever school Kate Middleton went to, so you never have to embarrass yourself in public again.

Luckily, the collective public is quick to forget your personal mishaps, and walking better in heels can be fixed with a few easy exercises. But if you do want to “class up” yourself, you’re in for a treat.


It is very right to say, ‘give respect, get respect.’ It is always a good idea to treat others the way you want them to treat you. In office, if you know a person very well, just act like strangers and let the friendship grow. It is always good to respect others.

2.Don’t be weird.

Inappropriate question: ‘What a dress! How much did it cost?’ If you are wondering how to respond to it then just smile and say: ‘It’s a gift!’ Change the topic of conversation. If the person insists, say gently: ‘I wouldn’t like to talk about it.’

Isn’t that simple? I am sure you wouldn’t have thought about the last one.

3.The back seat.

For a women, the most prestigious seat in a car is behind the driver. If a man is driving, it is a good idea to sit behind the man. Also, for the men, it is always advisable to open the door for the lady and help her come out. You just can’t break this rule.

4.Let them exit.

The person who exits the elevator first is the one who is close to the door. Need I say much? Do not be in a hurry and run and thrash everyone up.

Did you know any of these? These are very small but uncommon rules. Go on and read our top three.

5.Robes are for bathroom.

When you’re home, wear pants or sweater. Do not concentrate on robes or sleepwear. Trust me, not a good idea.