Does your car look and smell so horrible that you’re embarrassed to have friends ride with you? Do you wish you had that new-car smell and shine? Have you considered taking it in for detailing?

Chances are that like many of us you practically live in your car, which can get pretty grimy from all those fun roadtrips (with the dogs) and stops for burgers at the drive-in. Even those of us who just use our cars to commute to work and back need a deep cleaning.

The good news is you don’t need to pay someone else to get your car clean. You can get your car in tip-top shape in no time — all by yourself!

Chemical Free Car Wash

Why use chemicals to clean your car when it is so easy to use natural soap. By cleaning your car at home and using castile soap, which is biodegradable, you avoid the chemicals and get a clean, organic car wash.

DIY Odor Remover

The obvious first thing to do when facing a bad smell in the car is find the source and eliminate it. After the perpetrator has been taken care of, the next goal is ridding the car of the stench left behind. This is extremely easy to do with the right tools. Simply mix baking soda and essential oils inside of a mason jar. Now all you have to do poke a few holes in the lid and place the jar in your vehicle. Before you know it, the smell will be gone forever!

Cleaning the Upholstery

If your upholstery has a stain or always seems to be sticky, then this DIY is perfect for you. By mixing baking soda and white vinegar, a paste is created that you can spread on the affected spots. After rubbing the paste in with any type of brush, let the mixture dry and vacuum up what remains. What you should have left is fresh, clean upholstery.

Dusting Air Vents

Dust always seems to build up in the hardest to reach places. One of the most difficult places it never stops going is the inside of a car’s air conditioning vents. However, a smart, and proven solution is to use a foam paint brush to reach in between the vents and clean out all of the dust built up.

DIY Dashboard Polish

Believe it or not, olive oil is great for cleaning the dashboard. Just use a clean rag and watch the olive oil leave your dash looking brand new.