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25 Photos From The ’90s That Prove Kids Today Will Never Understand


Ah, the ’90s. No other decade was quite as grungy, outspoken, or innovative. The decade saw incredible rises in new technologies, as well as unexpected social changes. Regardless of the worldwide implications of those 10 years, everyone knows ’90s kids were the real winners of this decade. The unique intersection of new technologies and new perspectives gave ’90s kids a truly distinctive growing up experience. So grab your POGs, CD ROMS, and Pokémon cards, these 25 experiences are things every ’90s kid can appreciate.

1. The selfie before the phone selfie: webcam selfie.

All that time and effort spent in attempts of finding the perfect angle (possibly more time and effort for phone selfies).

2. When battery percentage was never an issue!

Now our cellphones loses its battery percentage within five minutes!

3. When crimped hair was actually a thing.

And you had to wait for hours for these devices to warm up.

4. This was the master trick back then for the video games.

Doing this would eventually lead to a whole lotta fun.

5. When this little guy would never leave you alone on Microsoft Word.

And you’d have endless arguments with him.

6. Who remembers going here in preparation for the ultimate movie night?

You knew it was going to be a great night when Dad broke this out.