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25 People Who Are Unique To Say The Least

These days, uniqueness and diversity are becoming more welcomed and accepted in society. Long gone are the days of being ridiculed and judged for being different. To celebrate uniqueness and individuality, here are 16 people who aren’t afraid to express who they are.

Hooping Mad


I wonder if she made this so people would honor her personal space? Hmm, I think I need one of those!

Knitted Camo

Aww, he’s wearing the camouflage his grandma knitted him for Christmas… Aww, what a thoughtful idea!

Flying Pig

I bet when he’s going fast on that it looks like the pig is flying!

Knicker Head

Should we tell her that knickers aren’t meant to cover your head? No, you’re right. We’ll respect her unique choice to wear it like that!

Tighten You Belt

Wow, he’s really gone for the whole tightening your belt idea.