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24-Year-Old’s Stomach Won’t Stop Growing, Then A Scan Reveals She Has A 70-Pound Cyst Inside

A woman with what’s believed to be the world’s largest cyst has had the FIVE stone tumour removed in a successful attempt to save her life. Scans revealed it has swelled to a whopping 5st 3lbs in just under a year – putting the 24-year-old unnamed woman at risk of heart failure.

The growth weighed the same as ten new born babies – or roughly equal to the weight of a ten year old child.

Details of the operation have just been made public after the patient made a full recovery and has returned to her everyday life.

A 24-year-old Mexican woman, who wants to remain anonymous, was having problems with her weight and decided to go on a diet. She noticed that it was working, at least on her face, arms and legs. But her waist not only remained thick, it actually continued to grow.

At first she didn’t pay too much attention to it, but after a while the problem couldn’t be ignored. The weight gain around her abdomen got so bad that it looked like she was pregnant even though she wasn’t.


Her situation continued to get worse until her abdomen was so big she could hardly walk. She even began to lose her appetite, but despite not eating properly, she continued to gain weight.

There are no doctors or clinics in the rural area where the young woman lives. But she knew she needed medical attention and made the decision to travel to Mexico City to get help. The journey took her a full day and when she arrived, she met Dr. Erik Hanson Viana. He remembers that first meeting well: “When I met her, she could just about walk a couple of steps before getting agitated and feeling like she was struggling to breathe.”

The initial examination led to a horrifying diagnosis: she had a cyst on her ovary that had grown to gigantic proportions.


The X-ray revealed a growth so huge that it was actually crushing the young woman’s organs. The drastic weight gain had also put her at risk of a heart attack. It was clear that an operation was needed quickly.