As someone who works from home, I spend a lot of quality time with myself. For the most part, it’s awesome. I am the ruler of the my apartment, utterly omnipotent and fearless. I can eat whenever I want, wherever I want. I can leave an infinite amount of half-filled glasses of seltzer and cans of Redbull on any flat surface without getting crap from anyone. I can listen to Kesha and not be judged. I can do a lot of things, including being weird or gross. And I know I’m not alone in my shameless enjoyment of any of that.

The truth is that we ALL do embarrassing things when we’re by ourselves because we naturally embarrassing, disgusting humans. Thank god we have society and all to keep us in line. Here are just a few things most of us (ADMIT IT) do at home when we know nobody will see us and dump us forever:

1. Alone time is necessary for this day and age.

The constant glare of electronic screens and the ease in which we can call someone thousands of miles away has created a culture of dependence. This is why alone time such as practicing a sport, working out, reading, meditating or doing yoga (just to name a few) can do wonders for stress relief and overall relaxation. But sometimes we do some unusual and quirky things while we are alone. From dancing around the house naked to imitating weird characters, these are just a few things that we can only do alone. One thing we can only do in private is talk to ourselves. I think this is common with most people. According to one anonymous poster, they like to perform ‘interviews’ where they are being interviewed by talk show hosts. Sometimes they are the newly appointed Supreme Court judge, other times they are just a lifestyle guru.

2. This one is slightly revolting.

This anonymous user (you will soon understand why they wanted to remain unspecified) went to a nearby pharmacy to purchase adult diapers so that they could experience pooping themselves before ‘I was old.’ Well,  I guess that’s one way you can prepare for old age…

3. Akin to participating in an interview, some people like recording YouTube videos when they’re home alone.

Some people admit that they even go ‘in-depth’ with their videos, or even do a Q and A, Day in the Life Of or Storytime. I guess some people will just about grasp at any chance they have to talk about themselves, even when they’re alone.

4. This 23 year old female likes to stick pillows up her shirt when she’s home alone to pretend she’s pregnant.

Then she just goes about the day as if she’s 7 months pregnant. I’m not sure why anyone would even want to do this, but I guess when boredom hits, just about anything can be entertaining.

5. A 24 year old female who shall remain unnamed admitted something…strange.

She said she likes to take her adult toys out and pretend they have a conversation with each other before using them. One can only wonder what on earth those conversations are about, and I’m not sure if I even want to know.

6. Do you have revealing outfits that you know you would never have the guts to wear out in public?

Well, a 16-year-old user states that she likes to wear revealing clothing that she would never wear outside when she is home alone. Then she goes about the house pretending she is a fashionista.