Check out these unusual flowers around the world that don’t look like flowers at all! Some look like aliens, some other like animals and some just plain out of this world!

1. Snow Monkey: This goofy looking plant looks just like a snow monkey, also known as the Japanese Macaque. The white fluffy buds resemble the monkey’s fur, and the middle looks a lot like their face.

2. Dicentra Spectabilis: Nope, these aren’t valentine’s day decorations, it’s a beautiful plant! Because of its shape and color it is also referred to as the ‘bleeding heart’ plant.

3. Wheat: This is nothing but a patch of wheat blowing in the wind. However, if you have a dirty mind you might be picturing something else.

4. Aristolochia Salvadorensis: Doesn’t this strange-looking flower look like Darth Vader? The shape of the outline totally matches his helmet and then the holes make the eyes.

5. Habenaria Radiata: The wispy petals of this flower make it resemble the feathers of a bird. The way it folds into itself creates the shape of the body which makes this flower look like a dove in flight.

6. Ballerina Orchid: This one looks like a little ballerina! The lighter part makes the tutu, and the way the darker part curves up makes it look like she’s doing a traditional ballet pose with pointed toes at the bottom.