18 Pictures That Will Make You Uncomfortable

Society is hooked on achieving physical perfection, therefore when things are not physically perfect it can make us feel uncomfortable. Different things make different people tick, I have a whole heap of things that make me shudder at the thought of – people leaving crumbs in the butter tub holds first place.

Ok the butter thing may not make you feel a little distressed, but these certainly will…

1.Glitter shit

The man with this idea used to eat some sick stuff for sure..

2.You could use some stain remover !!

Well, he definitely doesn’t like stinky-stainy washrooms for sure..

3.Fishy Fisherson

God!! What did the Goldfishes do to get such a disgusting punishment???

Last but not least.. The upcoming two

4.Hawk eye

This is probably from the time of World War II..

5.Practice makes a man prefect but….

Could you use this ??

6.She is real!

I think she could work on her makeup to some extent..